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Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many advantages and disadvantages of rail/freight transportation.

If I won some duckets at the Lotto…

Just a little passage of what i would do with the money from tht lottery.. If i won it : )

Winning the Lottery!

If I win the lottery, I would buy a big mansion, have a gym that has basketball courts and weight room, have a soccer field, hire others to be servant, and travel around the world with my family.

Extreme Luck of the Draw

I tell what I would do if I won the lottery. I would buy a nice house, support my family for life, and give donations to my church and other organizations.

If I won the lottery

    To win the lottery would be a dream come true. My church always had a vision of having a family life center. I would get it built from grown up. Then i would build my mom a beautiful house. Buy her a new car. It would be a blessing to give and bless […]


This shows the education requirements for railroad yardmasters and conductors.

If i won the lotto $ $ $ $

if i won the lotto i would go crazy. i would be the happiest person in the world. first i would buy my mother any house that she wants. i would buy her furnature to show her how much i apprishiaite her. i would also buy her a brand new car. then i would take […]

Rail/Freight Transportation Group

This shows brief information about the 5 students and counselor in the Rail/freight transportation group of the TTMaSA program at Donnelly College.

Departments and Positions

This is about the different departments and positions of the railroad industry.

Freight Shipping

This is about companies, trains, and what they ship.