Kayfrances Jones

I would like to start off by saying thank you to KDOT for allowing us to participate in this program and providing the funds for this program.

The first fieldtrip we went to was the Harley Davidson Tour. I had so much fun on that tour. First, we where looking around in the gift shop and took pictures on the bikes, then we went to a room and watched a brief 10 minute history video about Harley Davidson. I learned that harley Davidson survived through 2 wars and a great depression. We took a tour through the building and saw how they make their bikes. It was really cool and fun.

The second fieldtrip was to KDOT. I really had fun on that fieldtrip. We got to know the different types of people that work there. We took a tour through the building. We went to the 14th floor and it was so pretty outside and it was a great view. I learned that they make thick stacks of paper outlines of highways. We went to a second building and we looked at a bunch of stuff. One guy put a thick piece of metal in this machine and it pulled it apart. Everyone screamed and it was funny, but scary at the same time.

The third field trip we went to was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Before we took that field trip there, I thought that it was this generation or the one before me that started the littering. But i found out that it was way before me. Companies would get rid of old waste by barrying it. Then contractors would buid houses on that land and it would get too toxic for the people and they had to move. Rivers and lakes use to be so toxic with chemicals that fish would die.

The last field trip was to Downtown KC Airport. We got there and looked at all kinds of cool stuff from old outfits that flight attendants used to wear from this date to that one. We got to take pictures of things. There was this huge model plane that looked like it had thousends of seats. It had up stairs and everythng. We got to see a plane land and some one get on a plane. I learned that planes have a liecence plate number on the wing. I liked this field trip.