Nathaniel Richardson

I am glad I was accepted to be in TTMaSA. All the field trips were fun and I learned some valuable things. I would like to be an environmental engineer. Life insurance is a benefit I can receive.

My favorite field trip was the  Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The reason I picked the EPA is because it’s the government and it would be hard to loose a job like that. For now, an internship with the EPA would be good for me. I like the trees and fountains. The green power of the Atrium creates a lot of light. There really isn’t anything else I can say about this trip.

Harley Davison was fun too, walking around the factory and seeing how everything is built. My mom appreciated the card I sent her from the company.

This summer was interesting even though the math was kind of hard. I enjoyed each week and snack time. When it comes to writing paragraphs it’s hard.  I don’t know what to write. I like all the forms of transportation. In science class, I saw a video on hybrid electric cars and how it would be one cheaper form of transportation. I have only been on an airplane once, but I would rather take a train now. A motorcycle would be fun to ride, but i would have to study for a cycle license. Hopefully, we have a good presentation on Monday.